Rated 10/10 for taste!

It’s a home run for Tomahawk Jerky! Rated 10/10 for taste by leading international jerky review website Jerky Reviews, on all 3 flavours! 

"An addictive jerky, which is full of flavour, simplicity, and richness​". (Original Flavour)

"This jerky is incredibly tasty.  It has a significant tang from the soy as it cleverly conspires with a hint of sweetness and garlic. These flavours and texture are in cahoots with each other to deliver an exceptional jerky experience. It’s like a real party in your mouth and everybody’s coming...The texture is amazingly inviting and as these strips melt in your mouth, they keep you coming back for more"​. (Sweet Flavour)

"Their spicy jerky is as delicious as their other flavors....delivers wholeheartedly on its promise...a moderate saltiness and the beautiful flavour and taste of a luxurious soy sauce. This first bite finishes off with a light level of garlic. The sweetness is minimal and the natural beef flavour shines through in every bite...a clever flavour profile. It gives way to thoroughly appreciate the flavour of the chilli as the spiciness builds up and gets more intense." (Spicy Flavour)

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